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We know breastfeeding can be EXTREMELY difficult, especially as a new mom.

Whether you plan to nurse for six weeks, six months, or well into toddlerhood, we design maternity and breastfeeding-friendly styles to help you feel comfortable, confident, and capable of taking on your breastfeeding journey.

Made by moms, for moms, our styles are functional AND flattering to support every body and stage of motherhood! 

“Latched Mama didn’t just save my confidence as a mom- it GAVE me my confidence as a mom. The difference breastfeeding a baby without Latched Mama and with Latched Mama was night and day. So thankful for this line!!!” - M💕

Check out our new styles:

Latched Mama Mini Mystery Bag
$ 39.97
Latched Mama V-Neck Nursing Pantsuit
$ 70.00
The Momper® Nursing Romper
$ 68.00
Printed V-Neck Boyfriend Nursing Tee
$ 39.00
Latched Mama Boardwalk Nursing Maxi
$ 70.00
Latched Mama Basics Nursing Tank
$ 19.99
Latched Mama Cotton Swing Nursing Tank
$ 34.00