Share the Latched Mama Love!

We want to share the Latched Mama love with the world! But, we need your help, mama. If you've ever dreamed of being a content creator, this is your chance to get started.

We are looking for user generated content including photos, videos, and testimonials of you in your Latched Mama clothing. We are looking for natural and authentic content to share on social media and advertising.

All submissions that follow the below guidelines will be entered into a monthly raffle for a $75 Latched Mama gift card! Even better? If your photo or video is used for advertising, you will be compensated with a $100 Latched Mama gift card and a chance to become a part-time Latched Mama Content Creator!

Content Types


  • Well lit

  • Focused on you

  • Selfie style or tripod

  • Wearing clothing purchased in the last 2 months

  • Showcase functionality like nursing access, babywearing, comfort, etc


  • Well lit, high resolution, quality sound

  • Selfie style or tripod

  • Natural, authentic, not staged

  • Intro with a hook to grab viewer's attention

  • Showcase how Latched Mama has changed your nursing journey


  • Strong opening hook "how am I just finding out about this brand" or "3 things you need to know about Latched Mama"

  • Speak to the camera or show the product

  • We will use your words verbatim as a voiceover or in text


Testimonial Examples

  • Comfortable / Functional

    "I got my first Latched Mama order in and it’s absolute love. I originally was just looking for a solution to keep my baby and myself warm when we travel for medical appointments. Now I want to wear LM every day because it’s that good. So happy to have found a brand that supports me wearing and nursing this girl in the most comfortable/functional and super cute way!"

    Jessica A.

    Verified Buyer

  • Life changing clothes

    "I just want to say how life changing these clothes have been for me. I'm on my third baby (a happy accident!) and have been nursing him for over 8 months now. My other two I didn't nurse hardly at all because I couldn't find clothes that were comfortable, confident boosting and mama-baby friendly."

    Lauren M.

    Verified Buyer

  • Comfortable, Functional, Gorgeous

    “This is one of the only clothing companies I’ve found who INTENTIONALLY designs clothing to look fantastic on a wide range of body types, and is specifically designed to flatter a pregnant/postpartum body that is constantly changing. Plus they are the most comfortable, functional, absolutely GORGEOUS clothes I have ever owned. Love this company!”


    Verified Buyer

  • I’m so thankful for your company!

    “I’m so thankful for your company! Your clothes are my favorite gifts for new mamas who plan or even just try to breastfeed. When I had my first baby, your clothes allowed me to be more social and less isolated as a new mama with no idea what I was doing in so many aspects of motherhood. Knowing I had easy access to breastfeed in public made getting out a little easier!”


    Verified Buyer

  • It not just clothes. It’s community!

    "So, it not JUST clothes. It’s community, it’s adult conversations, it is fits and styles that make you feel good about yourself, it’s shopping from a company that does good, it’s so much more than clothes."


    Verified Buyer

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