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About Us

Hi! I'm Melissa and I launched Latched Mama in the late summer of 2014 with the goal of supporting new moms and normalizing affordable nursing wear. 

I had my first son in April of 2012, quickly followed by my second in December of 2013. With two little ones so close together, I found myself dreaming of a "no thought" breastfeeding friendly wardrobe. I wanted clothing that I could easily be a "mom" in and that allowed me to feed the littlest one while chasing an active toddler.

Latched Mama was born on a park bench at the playground. I distinctly remember unzipping my sweatshirt and being incredibly cold while Alex ate. I remember making sure that the cold, hard zipper wasn't pushing against his cheek and suddenly thinking that there had to be a better way. I researched what was available in the market and was turned away by the pricing. So I set off to create styles that were functional, comfortable and affordable. 

We launched Latched Mama in the Fall of 2014 and haven't looked back! Five years (and a fifth child) later, I could never have dreamed of what Latched Mama has become. Every happy email and Facebook comment fills me with such joy and motivation as we keep moving towards our goal of supporting every new breastfeeding and pumping mom. Our team consists of certified lactation consultants, birth and postpartum doulas filled with knowledge and lots of love. We are growing beyond just a nursing clothing line, and through our Facebook page and blog, I believe we are truly accomplishing our mission of offering support and encouragement to new moms. 

We have our own warehouse and fulfillment center, fabulous employees, and many warehouse babies to remind us why we're all doing continue to grow and cultivate nourishing relationships with our babies! Our clothes are now all over the world and we pride ourselves on great customer service, fast shipping, and staying small and nimble enough to react to the feedback we receive. But most of all, we are truly thankful to all of you for being on this journey with us and letting us into your lives to support you! 



Founder of Latched Mama