Latched Mama is not just a breastfeeding clothing company
You've got this, mama, and Latched Mama can help. Scroll down for easy access to support and care that you or a loved one may need. 

Here at Latched Mama our goal is to not just to make beautiful clothes to help mothers simplify their breastfeeding journeys, but to empower women by lifting up their voices, creating a village or showcasing the ones currently surrounding their families, help them find tools to better take care of themselves so they can care for their little ones. The mental load on mothers is heavy, and we believe that by creating community and safe spaces for mothers, regardless of their clothing choices, families will be healthier and happier.  


 Feeling overwhelmed? 

Not sure where to start? 

We've got you, mama. Here at Latched Mama, we are dedicated to creating a safe community of moms offering support to other moms. 

We always say that it’s not about the clothes…it’s about supporting motherhood and building a community of kindness, education, and respect.

As mother's too, we get that when you are always taking care of others it's so hard to remember and know how to take care of ourselves. 

We get the chaos of life, the ups and downs, and we want to offer space for support through all stages of life. 

So, if you want a little more guidance, keep scrolling to see a collection of resources that can help lift you up at any stage in life...

“Latched Mama didn’t just save my confidence as a mom- it GAVE me my confidence as a mom. The difference breastfeeding a baby without Latched Mama and with Latched Mama was night and day. So thankful for this line!!!” -M 💕

Welcome to Latched Mama Love! Brought together by our fandom for Latched Mama clothing, we are a community of mamas who support and build each other up! Pregnant, postpartum, breastfeeding, parenting--whatever stage of motherhood you find yourself inb--know that we are all in this together!

“Not to sound cliché but I am so grateful for the LM community. Besides great clothes that make moming easy... and not only you guys at the company level but also the awesome mamas on the latch mama love page. This pandemic has been isolating for everyone and as a mama of two LOs it is life-saving to have a network of supportive women in all different stages of motherhood. Being able to get answers, support and a break from the crazy that fills my news feed is AMAZING! Okay well that’s all. Thank you so much for LM and for what it does for mamas like me. #notallalonebecauseofLMlove” -Chelsea

Motherhood can be hard, but thankfully you don't have to navigate it alone!

From babies to breastfeeding, and the beautiful mess that is motherhood, no parenting topic is off-limits on the Latched Mama Podcast!

Want an inside look at what it's like to be a business owner and busy mom of 6?

Then be sure to join Latched Mama Founder, Melissa, as she dispels motherhood myths, deep dives into conversations that matter, and gives you the encouragement and information you need to thrive! 

Be sure to check out the following episodes on Maternal Mental Health and Support: 

86. Freedom From Mom Perfectionism

77. Learning to Fail

67. Therapy Kinda Rocks

61. Honoring Black Breastfeeding

55. Building Boundaries

46. Healing From Birth Trauma

42. Pregnancy Loss Awareness

39. Single Moms

38. Making Mom Friends

35. Celebrating Black Breastfeeding

31. Britney Spears: Did it Start with PPD?

24. Mom Shame

23. Early Pregnancy Loss

12. Pandemic Mom Shaming

7. Postpartum Doulas and Postpartum Support

5. Supporting the Mental Needs of Motherhood

Plus, soooo much more amazing content to help you on your journey!

“Just a shoutout to Melissa and Lindi and the Latched Mama podcast. 

They answered a question of mine with so much thought, compassion, and empathy.

LM clothes are amazing, yes, *and* LM is so much more than clothes to me. Between the Facebook group, the lives, and the podcast, this community has become a great resource, an uplifting part of my day, and honestly helps and supports my self care and mental health.

I don’t know another company that does anything close to what Latched Mama does.” -Gwen

At Latched Mama, our team is made up of a group of moms, doulas, and certified lactation counselors that are here to help you with any question you may have about birthing, babies, boobs, or parenting! To say the is our passion to connect with and empower all mamas!

Whether you’re a 1st or 5th-time mama, it can also be so hard navigating this new and exciting change in your is an amazing and filled with lots of happiness, but it is also exhausting, frustrating at times, and even isolating. We've been there and can definitely relate!

No matter where you live, it takes a village to raise a child and we’re here to catch you when you feel like you’re falling. It’s our job as a community to build each other up and help you grow into the strong, confident mama you are!!

"I just wanted to follow up and thank you again for your help - the doctor wanted my little to gain 3 oz at the weight check and she gained 6 oz even after a huge poop and pee right before getting on the scale! We were able to do it without using formula and without completely losing our sanity - thank you so so much for the support and encouragement!" -Elizabeth

Taking care of your family also means taking care of yourself!

As mothers ourselves, we at Latched Mama know firsthand that prioritizing self-care and mental health can be challenging.

That’s why we compiled a list of resources, personal stories, blogs, and words of encouragement to help you navigate this journey and, most importantly- remind you that you’re NEVER alone.

"This blog is always so well written and hits home in so many ways as a mother. Literally I’m in tears- thank you for bringing awareness to this topic and so many others. There is such an emotional weight that mothers carry for being the go-to caregiver for comforting our babies and children. Thank you for this gem. Love!" -Vanessa

Our Latched Mama TikTok page is geared towards bringing fun, relatable, supportive, and educational content to moms across the platform. 

Whether you're looking for babywearing tutorials, funny parenting content, behind the scenes life at Latched Mama, breastfeeding advice, or just scrolling to take a quick mental break from momming - we want to remind you that you’re doing a great job and you're not alone.

Also, be sure to check out these babywearing resources: 

Mama Natural: Everything you Need to Know to Wear Your Baby Safely

Babywearing International, Inc. on Facebook - Find your Local Chapter

"It's so nice and empowering to see the positive feedback about breastfeeding" -Caitie

Resources for Communities of Color

Latched Mama is passionate about supporting motherhood and building a community of kindness, education, and respect. This includes supporting people of color in their breastfeeding journey, increasing the number of Certified Lactation Consultants of color, advocating for Black Breastfeeding Week, bringing awareness to the racial inequities in birth, the maternal and infant mortality rate disparities between women of color and white, and the mistreatment of women of color by the medical community. 

The Podcast has featured two episodes from Birth In Color RVA, a Richmond birth, policy, and advocy nonprofit for Maternal Health and Reproductive Justice. Executive Director Kenda Sutton-El and Ebony Allen, doula and NurtureRVA Facilitator, both speak candidly with Melissa on how to honor and celebrate Black Breastfeeding. 

Our blog has also highlighted the racial disparities in breastfeeding success, investigated the Black Maternal Mortality Rate, and provided guidance on racial conversations with children

These are only small steps in a larger societal issue of systemic racism. But we see you, we hear your voices, and you aren't alone. We are committed to making safe spaces for ALL people and bringing awareness to how we and others can make changes together to support communities of color in successful breastfeeding and maternal health outcomes. 

Here are a few additional resources dedicated to maternal health for people of color:

The Loveland Foundation: showing up for communities of color, Black women and girls.

National Birth Equity Collaborative: creating solutions to optimize black maternal and infant health outcomes

Center for American Progress: Eliminating Racial Disparities in Maternal and Infant Mortality

Kimberly Seals Allers: femtech founder, writer, speaker and maternal and infant health strategist working to change motherhood for all

"So glad you are covering this important issue. Thank you!" -Zoe

Supporting & encouraging moms with affordable nursing wear & community! 💗

We’re moms too, and we’re with you. 

Whether it's in the trenches of motherhood, healing in a safe space, or celebrating the successes and small wins in life, we are here as a community, supporting each other and lifting you up. No matter where you get your social media scroll on, we are here for you!

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"It's so nice and empowering to see the positive feedback about breastfeeding" -Caitie

Phone, Text, Crisis Hotlines

Postpartum Support PSI Helpline 1-800-944-4773 (4PPD) or 

Text Line in English: 800-944-4773

Text Line en Español: 971-203-7773

NAMI Crisis Helpline 800-950-6264 or text "HelpLine" to 62640

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline - Dial 988