VIRAL Harbor Snap Pullover Presale

Want to cozy up with one of our top selling items? Then our Harbor Snap Nursing Pullover is for you!

Our VIRAL Harbor Snap Pullover has snap-down, lift-up nursing access, and a cozy front pouch pocket.

Size up and wear this over your favorite carrier to keep you and baby nice and cozy all season long.

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Latched Mama Harbor Snap Nursing Pullover


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Snap down and lift up nursing access perfect to nurse or pump on cold days

Thick and durable sweatshirt designed to help you get ready in a snap

Keep you and baby close for cool days and quick kisses.

Wear this pullover over your favorite carrier to keep you and baby nice and cozy

The colors GREEN, PEACOCK, and LAVENDER are expected to ship by February 2024.

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Customer Reviews

  • Comfortable / Functional

    "I really went back and forth on buying this cause it’s not cheap but I’m so glad I did. We live in a city where we walk and ride the bus a lot in the cold weather and this thing has been amazing. It helps keep both of us super warm by sharing heat and I feel like it gives a little extra support to the baby wrap. My baby is a month old today and I’ve worn the sweatshirt every time we’ve left the house. I’m half tempted to buy a second one."


    Verified Buyer

  • Life changing clothes

    "I just want to say how life changing these clothes have been for me. I'm on my third baby (a happy accident!) and have been nursing him for over 8 months now. My other two I didn't nurse hardly at all because I couldn't find clothes that were comfortable, confident boosting and mama-baby friendly."

    Lauren M.

    Verified Buyer

  • Comfortable, Functional, Gorgeous

    “This is one of the only clothing companies I’ve found who INTENTIONALLY designs clothing to look fantastic on a wide range of body types, and is specifically designed to flatter a pregnant/postpartum body that is constantly changing. Plus they are the most comfortable, functional, absolutely GORGEOUS clothes I have ever owned. Love this company!”


    Verified Buyer

  • I’m so thankful for your company!

    “I’m so thankful for your company! Your clothes are my favorite gifts for new mamas who plan or even just try to breastfeed. When I had my first baby, your clothes allowed me to be more social and less isolated as a new mama with no idea what I was doing in so many aspects of motherhood. Knowing I had easy access to breastfeed in public made getting out a little easier!”


    Verified Buyer

  • It not just clothes. It’s community!

    "So, it not JUST clothes. It’s community, it’s adult conversations, it is fits and styles that make you feel good about yourself, it’s shopping from a company that does good, it’s so much more than clothes."


    Verified Buyer

"Latched Mama was born on a park bench at the playground. I distinctly remember unzipping my sweatshirt and being incredibly cold while Alex ate. I remember making sure that the cold, hard zipper wasn't pushing against his cheek and suddenly thinking that there had to be a better way. I researched what was available in the market and was turned away by the pricing. So I set off to create styles that were functional, comfortable and affordable. We launched Latched Mama in the fall of 2014 and haven't looked back!"


Latched Mama Founder