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Happy Thanksgiving!!

I can’t believe another twelve months has come and gone, and we are gathering again to give thanks. I’m always humbled this time of year by the overwhelming amount of blessings that surround our family.

My favorite word as a mom of six and a leader of many is “grace”. Some days, I sound like a broken record as I tell my kids that “mistakes happen” and remind our team members that amongst the chaos of motherhood and small business life is the absolute need to give others (especially ourselves) grace.

Our family welcomed our sixth baby into the world just five short weeks ago. In the early morning hours of a beautiful fall day, our bedroom was full of the type of love and joy I have only ever dreamed of. As our family has moved forward and grown together over the past weeks, wrapped up in the unavoidable vulnerability of postpartum life, has been a great need and reminder to give myself the same grace I afford many all day long.

This year, I want to encourage you all to adopt “grace” as your word for the holiday season. Afford yourself the permission to move at your own speed, the confidence to choose your family and self over other’s expectations, and the safe space to struggle, grow, and learn through all the twists and turns of life.

At Latched Mama, the pandemic is still a very real thing. We have staffing struggles, supply chain delays and various cost increases on top of the everyday uncertainty that comes with small business life. But we also have a community built on the very principle that messy is “ok”- and it’s times like these where I am so grateful for the massive amount of support and understanding from those who show up each day to cheer us on.

As I gather with my family today, nurse my baby, enjoy family nap time, prep for our largest sale of the year, eat take out, and not make anyone get out of their pjs, please remember to grant yourself the grace to be imperfect and the confidence to choose happiness over expectations.

Thank you for your continued support and love- absolutely none of this would be possible without it.


The Latched Mama Family

(Melissa, Eric, Nathaniel, Alexander, Caroline, Benjamin, Katherine, and Matthew)


P.S. We will see you on Facebook at 10pm Eastern Time to kick off our Black Friday sale! Learn More Here.


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