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Top 5 Styles To (Tie) Dye For!

Posted by Latched Mama on

Tie-dye has undoubtedly been one of 2020s biggest trends. And while this psychedelic print might feel familiar in the summer, seeing it carry into the cooler months might leave you wondering, "can wearing tie-dye transcend warmer weather?"

Well, we're here to inform you that yes, yes it can! In fact, this once summer-specific print is still going strong, and for a good reason! After all, there is nothing that makes you feel more young, wild, and free than tapping into your inner flower-child.

Are you ready to go with the flow? If so, here are our top 5 tie-dye styles to help keep mom-life mellow. 

Latched Mama Petal Front Nursing Pullover in Hazel Tie-Dye

Our Hazel Tie-Dye print is the embodiment of fall tie-dye done right! Thanks to its fabulous earth tones, our Petal Front Nursing Pullover is easy to pair with all your favorite fall colors and accessories while still giving off that groovy vibe! Plus, thanks to its warm cowl neck, convenient tunic length, and easy nursing access, you can "keep on truckin'" all winter long!

Deluxe Nursing Set in Pewter Tie-Dye

Come and explore the dark side of tie-dye with our Deluxe Nursing Set! Perfect for lazy mornings in- or crazy days out with the kids; this two-piece set is sure to make you feel put together and positively primo! From it's stylish, side slit nursing access to its embedded words of affirmation, this dreamy set is sure to inspire you to "make milk, not war."

Drawstring Midi Dress in Boysenberry Tie-Dye

Every girl needs a groovy dress, and we think that our Drawstring Midi Dress in Boysenberry Tie-dye meets the mark! We designed this dainty yet daring dress with the fall and winter months in mind by incorporating a longer sleeve length and hem-line, making this fan-favorite dress "far out" for every season! 

Latched Mama Cocoon Maxi Dress in Stormy Tie-Dye

You don't have to look far to find a funky dress! That's because we here at Latched Mama design clothes to fit every person, preference, and personality! So if you're a go with the flow kinda gal, then our Cocoon Maxi Dress in Stormy Tie Die might just be your sweet spot. Thanks to its longer length, this maxi dress can easily be styled to remain suitable for the colder seasons ahead. Heck, you can even throw some leggings underneath for added warmth, and no one will ever know! 

 Printed Flutter Sleeve Nursing Romper in Olive Tie-Dye

Olive is arguably the QUEEN of all fall colors, and tie-dye only makes this quintessential color even cooler. We love to wear our Flutter Sleeve Nursing Rompers year-round because it combines all the prim and polish of a dress with the playful spirit of pants. After all, modern problems call for modern solutions- so turn on, tune in and get ready to drop down to the floor with your kids in this fun and flattering fall outfit. 

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