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Top 5 Curvy-Mama Approved Pieces

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Being full-figured doesn't mean you should be stuck wearing frumpy frocks that hide all the crooks and curves that make you beautiful! In fact, our ethos in the exact opposite; we believe that our full-figured mamas deserve clothes that help accentuate and flatter how just FABULOUS you truly are!

But, as all my curvy mama's know, finding clothes that compliment your shape can be a challenge. Thankfully, we here at Latched Mama made it our mission to design clothes that compliment ALL body types, from plus-sized to petite! 

But if you've got curves that don't quit, you might find yourself asking, "what styles will work best for me?" Well, wonder no more, mama,  because we're about to break down the top 5 styles for our thick, busty, curvy, and bootylicious mamas! 

Disclaimer: these styles are simply suggestions for plus-sized mamas, from plus-sized mamas. But at the end of the day, the most flattering article of clothing is the one that makes you feel your best! So don't feel limited by this list- it's simply a resource to help you find what makes you shine!


Drawstring Nursing Dress

Our Drawstring Dress is a curvy girl fav, and for a good reason! Not only does the drawstring helps accentuate your waistline and emphasize that hourglass shape, but it's also very accommodating for thick hips, booties and thighs. Furthermore, the bust is stretchy and accommodating for larger cup sizes, and the lift up nursing access makes feeding (without flashing!) effortless and accessible. 

PS: Our Drawstring Nursing Dress is available in a variety of styles- such as Midi, Tank, Prints, Solids and 3/4 Sleeves!


Everyday Nursing Sweater

If your sense of style includes extra-stretchy fabric that's both flattering AND forgiving, then our fan-favorite Everyday Nursing Sweater is for you! With intuitive lift-up nursing access and an irresistibly buttery-soft feel, this adorable sweater is a tried and true curvy-girl classic.

Asymmetrical Nursing Tunic Tee

Whether you tie it in a stylish knot or let it hang loose, there is no Latched Mama piece more universally flattering than our Asymmetrical Nursing Tunic Tee. This tunic can be customized to cling to all the right places and easily adjusted to avoid the areas you don't care to emphasize. Plus, its lift-up, v-neck nursing access provides a little extra support for our busty mamas who prefer to feed without the flash-factor.


Everyday Nursing Hoodie

This style is similar to our Everyday Nursing Hoodie but includes a hood for a more cozy and casual vibe. Super soft and stretchy, our Everyday Hoodie features lift-up nursing access, which seems to be preferred by many of our busty mamas. Furthermore, it's front elastic panel provides a subtle cinching effect to help accentuate your waistline.


Ribbed Nursing Tank

No matter what the season, every wardrobe deserves a good layering tank! From the heat of summer to the dead of winter, our Ribbed Nursing Tank is a tried and true curvy-girl favorite! Pair it under your favorite sweater, a cardigan, nursing cape, or even a kimono for the ultimate sweet, sporty and supportive look!

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