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The Labor Gown That Grows With You!

Posted by Latched Mama on

It's no secret that motherhood changes you- physically, mentally, and emotionally. From growing a bump to delivering your bundle of joy and breastfeeding for the first time- finding clothes that fit your changing needs is essential!

But let's face it, updating your wardrobe to accommodate pregnancy and postpartum can get pricy. Thankfully, all you need are a few staple pieces that support ALL of your mom-life needs, such as our Latched Mama Labor Dress 2.0!

Don't let the name fool you- this dress was designed with so much more than just labor and delivery in mind. From the first trimester to the final latch- We designed this lightweight and ultra-comfortable gown to grow with you!



Cute maternity jeans are fantastic in your first and second trimester, but by the third trimester? Woah, mama! From the water retention, swelling, and an actual human growing inside of you, it's no surprise that many mamas prefer to stick to clothes that are loose, easy to get on and off, and won't leave them tugging and adjusting all day. Perfect for those final weeks of nesting before your baby is due, you'll never want to take this buttery-soft dress off. And thankfully, you don't have to! Be sure to pack the Latched Mama Labor Dress 2.0 in your hospital bag, mama- because the journey has only just begun!


Did you know that you can wear your own labor gown in most hospitals and birthing facilities? Whether you're going unmedicated at a birth center or having a scheduled c-section, you'll feel right at home in the Latched Mama Labor Dress 2.0. This dress features convenient snaps down the back for easy epidural access (if that's the route you chose!) as well as a petal-front opening for easy monitoring and post-delivery comfort. But most of all, we designed this nursing gown with those priceless first moments with your baby in mind, which is why we included snap-down shoulders for immediate skin to skin access.


You did it, mama! Baby is finally here, visitors have come and gone, and you're back at home and ready to rest and heal. You're exhausted, your body is mending, and your baby is cluster-feeding- the last thing you want to do is fuss over what to wear or end up in outfits that are uncomfortable and contradictory to the recovery process. So take the guesswork out of your postpartum ensemble with the Latched Mama Labor Dress 2.0. Peri-bottle, bellyband, and breastfeeding friendly, this dress is will help you survive those foggy first days of motherhood in stylish comfort.



Maybe you're nursing a newborn, going tandem with twins, or breastfeeding a toddler. No matter where you are in your breastfeeding journey, you'll be sure to reach for this dress again and again. Perfect for those lazy days spent lounging around with your family, or even as a convenient cover-up at the pool or beach, the Latched Mama Labor Dress 2.0 is sure to be a well-worn favorite in your closet for many years (and babies!) to come.

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