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5 Ways To Slay Your Drawstring Tank Dress 2.0 This Summer

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With its laid-back attitude and easy breastfeeding accessibility, it's no surprise that the Drawstring Tank Dress 2.0 is a fan favorite. Plus, with backyard barbecues, beach days, and camping with your crew on the summer horizon, there has never been a better time to start styling your Drawstring Tank Dress 2.0 with the new season in mind.

 Wear It As A Coverup 

I don't know about you, but for my family and me, summer means lakes, pools, rivers, beaches, and lots of backyard sprinkler sessions. Although Latched Mama does make flattering and breastfeeding-friendly swimsuit options (with more on the way!), sometimes you need a little shore-side coverage that won't weigh you down or burn you up. Made from a breathable rayon/spandex blend, the Drawstring Tank Dress 2.0 is light, airy, and easy to throw on so you can go from beach to boardwalk to breastfeeding ready in a matter of minutes.

Dress It Up For Date-Night

Here at Latched Mama, we design everything with both baby AND mama's needs in mind, meaning our styles are made to be figure-flattering and make you feel as good as you look. So it's no surprise that many of our mamas like to wear our clothes even when their baby isn't around! Pair with some strappy heels, sparkly earrings, and a babysitter. You'll be date-night ready in no time! 

Pro tip: the Drawstring Tank Dress 2.0 is the perfect option if you need to squeeze in some pumping in during date-night.

 Dress It Down For Comfort

We can't stand wearing pants once the weather gets warmer, but sometimes finding shorts that are comfortable and provide the right amount of coverage can be challenging. That is why the Drawstring Tank Dress 2.0 is the perfect summer companion for stylish comfort! Falling to about knee-length, this silky fabric provides the perfect amount of coverage and is casual enough for lounging around in comfort, running errands, or chasing your toddler through a park.

Play With Prints To Express Your Personality

Did you know that all of Latched Mama's printed fabrics are limited edition? This means that the probability of showing up to a summer function wearing the same print as a fellow mama is slim! Plus, with so many new print options available each release, there is always a perfect Latched Mama print to match your mood or personality. Maybe you're feeling flirty in florals, dainty in dots, or totally chill in tie-dye. No matter what the vibe, the Drawstring Tank Dress 2.0 has a style for every spirit and season.

Breastfeed With Confidence  

We've all heard the saying "look good, feel good," but here at Latched Mama, we're all about "look good, feel good, FEED good!" Because when you're feeling comfortable and confident in what you're wearing, you will be empowered to breastfeed anywhere you go- no matter where the summer season may take you

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