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5 Hospital Bag Must-Haves!

Posted by Latched Mama on

Whether you eagerly pack it at eighteen weeks or wait until you're long overdue- outside of ultrasounds, packing your hospital bag might just be one of pregnancy's most exciting milestones!

But sometimes knowing what to bring to an occasion as monumental as giving birth can be overwhelming. Will the hospital be cold? Do I have to wear a paper gown? What if the newborn onesie doesn't fit?

Thankfully, we here at Latched Mama have plenty of experience having babies, so we know a thing or two about packing the perfect hospital bag. Best of all? Our philosophy, when it comes to preparing for labor, is: less is more*

*This list does not include toiletries, medications, and other items specific to you and your needs!

"Mom Life" Everyday Tote

Packing the perfect hospital bag starts with the bag- so why not multi-task with a tote that can easily convert into a pump-friendly diaper bag? Unlike typical diaper bags, our "Mom Life" Everyday Tote can fit a tremendous amount of stuff, making it perfect for an overnight stay. Plus, once the pushing is over, you'll be prepared for your first unexpected newborn poop explosion (you know the one) thanks to it's convenient, built-in changing pad.

Labor Dress 2.0

Did you know you can bring and wear your own birthing gown at most hospitals and birth centers? We know the labor gowns that hospitals provide aren't always up to par, so we set out on a mission to create the ultimate Labor Dress 2.0! This dress features convenient snaps down the back for easy epidural access (if that's the route you chose!) and a petal-front opening for easy monitoring and post-delivery comfort. But most of all, we designed this nursing gown with those priceless first moments with your baby in mind, which is why we included snap-down shoulders for immediate skin to skin access.

Swaddle Blanket and Hat Set

Your baby's first outfit will be cemented in your mind, heart, and iCloud forever, so make sure your little love makes the kind of first impression that fills you with infinite joy! Whether you decide to match prints with your little love (our Maternity Labor Nursing Robe comes in coordinating styles!) or let them be the star of the show, there is no better way to welcome your baby into the world then by wrapping them in softness and comfort! Best of all? Our Swaddle Blanket and Hat Set is designed to accommodate a wide range of newborn sizes, so you can rest assured knowing it will fit.

Racerback Nursing Bra

When it comes to bras, we know what mamas want: stretchy, wireless support that won't let you down- even during an unexpected letdown! From its luxurious french-terry fabric and impeccable nursing and pumping access, our Racerback Nursing Bra will help you perfect your baby's first latch in ultimate comfort and convenience. 

Maternity Labor Nursing Robe

From the first trimester to the fourth, this robe is a new-mama necessity! Perfect for lounging around when you're too pregnant for pants, preparing for labor, or some post-pushing (or post-cesarean!) warmth and comfort; this versatile robe will be your go-to for hanging out at home to going to the hospital and back again! Best of all? You can match your Maternity Labor Nursing Robe with your baby's Hat and Swaddle Set for a picture-perfect new-arrival announcement!

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