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Top 5 Trends To Set The Tone This Season

Posted by Latched Mama on

Fall grants us the perfect opportunity to start fresh!

So this autumn, we're ALL about adopting an attitude of "out with the old and in with the new!" We're talking habits, boundaries, and, of course- fashion!

We here at Latched Mama know that our Autumn Collection is ALWAYS one of our most anticipated launches of the year, so we wanted to give our VIP mamas a first look at some of our hottest post-summer styles!

With so many flattering new fall prints and fits, you'll be sure to be trendsetting and attention-getting ALL season long!


Lindi Blouse in Maroon Garden

You learn a few tricks when you're a mom of six! That's why we named this blouse after Latched Mama's lead designer, Lindi! Thanks to her extensive nursing knowledge, including tandem nursing TWINS, we firmly believe that we finally created the ULTIMATE maternity and nursing blouse. Comfortable enough for daily wear but professional enough to pair with slacks, this top is sure to bring out your inner glow while feeding on the go! Be sure to keep a lookout for the Lindi Blouse in Maroon Garden!

Nursing Romper in Vibrant Black Floral

Just because summer is over doesn't mean you need to surrender your florals! There is something so cheery and radiant about a flowery romper that transcends ALL seasons, making it a year-round favorite for many of our mamas! That's why we decided to take our fan-favorite "Momper" and "fall it up" with some deeper hues designed to compliment all of your favorite scarves, booties, and cardigans. So if you're still in bloom, be sure to check out our radiant new Nursing Romper in Vibrant Black Floral!

Cropped Cocoon Nursing Dress in Sage Tie Dye

Our Autumn 2020 motto? Tie-dye but make it Fall! Tie-dye has been such a hit this year, and we don't think that it should have to fade into the abyss just because it's after August. That's why we incorporated everyone's go-to groovy-vibe into a fall-friendly style that is sure to transcend summer! This particular style is called the Cropped Cocoon Nursing Dress (hint: it's an existing fan-favorite in a flattering new length!) in Sage Tie-Dye. But the Woodstock vibes don't stop there! Be sure to keep an eye out for even more earthy tie-dyes in our latest launch.

V-Neck Nursing Jumpsuit in Black

My favorite thing about fall is FINALLY being able to reach for my favorite clothing color again- black! Despite its ability to literally boil you alive in the summer, there is something about wearing black in the fall and winter months that is so timeless, flattering, and surprisingly fun! Because the color black is neutral and muted in nature, it's the PERFECT color to pair with bright jewelry and accessories. Oh, and did we mention that our new V-Neck Nursing Jumpsuit has POCKETS? Functional AND flattering? What can we say! It's just what we do.

Drawstring T-Shirt Nursing Dress In Teal Geometric Circles

The 60s are making a comeback in a big way when it comes to 2020's fashion aesthetic. But that groovy-vibe we all know and love isn't limited to just tapestry prints and tie-dyes. Ultra trendy mod-looks such as the tantalizing Teal Geometric Circles on our Drawstring T-shirt dress are sure to be a stand out stunner all season long. That's because it's the perfect combination of casual and contemporary that is sure to add a little extra spunk to your everyday look.

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