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The Perfect Layer For Every Season

Posted by Latched Mama on

The weather is changing once again, which means warm days, chilly mornings, and crisp fall nights for many of us in the western hemisphere.

Depending on where you are in the world, it might still be a little too soon to jump straight into sweater weather. Thankfully we have light and breezy layering options to help complement ALL of your favorite Latched Mama styles and help you transition from August to Autumn and beyond!

Nursing Midi Kimono

Are you still feeling the heat but craving some shade? If so, our Nursing Midi Kimono is the perfect companion for when you're making the switch from sweltering summer days to chilly autumn nights. Perfect for pairing with your favorite Latched Mama rompers, sundresses and tanks, this light and breezy layer is the perfect way to extend your summer style throughout the fall.

Maternity And Nursing Knit Cape

We like to think of our Maternity And Nursing Cape as a Kimono with a little extra oomph. Ideal for chilly fall nights that make you want to wrap yourself in a warm blanket, our cape provides that same sensation- but with a bit more style! Pair it with your favorite summer styles and add some booties and scarves to go from summer lovin' to September funin' in no time!

Floral Nursing Hoodie

Are you ready to make the switch to fall but not quite ready to say sayonara to your summer florals? We feel you, mama! Thankfully, we have a simple solution to help you fuse your summer and fall styles seamlessly! Thanks to its sunshiney prints and cold weather wearability, our Floral Nursing Hoodie can make every day feel like a warm summer night.

Petal Front Nursing Pullover

If you're anything like me, transitioning your summer style to fall is pretty much centered around your newfound ability to wear leggings. But sometimes, finding stylish sweatshirts with a flattering tunic-like cut can be a challenge. That is why we designed our Petal Front Nursing Pullover with every mama's stretchy-pant desires in mind. Thanks to its slightly longer-than-average length and lightweight warmth, this sweet and stylish hoodie will make you feel like you're in bloom all year long.

Cotton Nursing Hoodie

We like to call our Cotton Nursing Hoodie our "Unicorn Hoodie" because it's magic knows no bounds! Made with 100% cotton, this not-so-hefty hoodie is lightweight enough to wear in the early fall, but still warm enough for those chilly winter nights. It's a versatile hoodie fit for a fairytale ending!

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