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Must-Have Holiday Gifts For New Moms

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We all know that holiday shopping can be stressful.

That's why this year, we want to give YOU the gift of a seamless shopping experience! No more endless aisle browsing or battling over a parking spot. Our gift guide for new moms will make your shopping experience an absolute breeze!
Although you might not be able to give the mama in your life the gift of a "silent night," you can give her the next best thing- something nice! 
We here at Latched Mama KNOW what moms want. That's because ALL of our clothes are designed, picked, and shipped by moms! So say sayonara to Saturdays at the mall, and say hello to being the REAL hero of the holiday season (Sorry, Santa!)

Latched Mama Labor Dress 2.0

Motherhood starts in the delivery room, so why not gift her a dress to make those irreplaceable first moments even more unforgettable? Say goodbye to itchy hospital gowns and say HELLO to a labor dress that accommodates EVERYTHING from epidurals, cesareans, and unmedicated births to seamless skin-to-skin and breastfeeding access! Designed with science, safety, and style in mind, our Labor Dress 2.0 makes the perfect companion for any due date. Available in several flattering printed and solid styles, there is sure to be a design to make every deserving mama feel extra special on her delivery day! 

Latched Mama Maternity Labor Nursing Robe

Everyone deserves a good robe- but no one is more worthy of receiving the gift of warmth and comfort than a new mom! So why not give her the reward of unwrapping a present that wraps HER in luxuriously light-weight comfort? Perfect for pregnancy, postpartum, breastfeeding, and beyond, there is no other new-mom necessity that is more timeless and tasteful than a flattering Maternity Labor Nursing Robe!

Latched Mama Swaddle Blanket and Hat Set

Looking for a gift that incorporates both baby AND mama? Then look no further than our Swaddle Blanket and Hat Set. We designed this buttery-soft set to help your new bundle of joy make that BIG transition from the womb to the world. Best of all? We created this set to coordinate with our Maternity Labor Nursing Robe, so mama and baby can "sleigh" the season in comfort AND style.

Latched Mama Slumber Lounge Pant and Tee Set

Psst. One of Santa's elves just let us know that the mama in your life is longing for some loungewear. And can you blame her? Between postpartum and the pandemic, mothers are spending a LOT more time at home- so why not give her the gift of luxurious pajamas with impeccable nursing access for a perfect latch? Our Slumber Lounge Pant and Tee Set is super soft, super stretchy (for those pregnant bellies!), and supremely designed with comfort and convenience in mind. From nesting to nursing, there's nothing this lounge set can't do!

Latched Mama Diaper Backpack

Dashing through the snow, with a stylish diaper bag, over the hills we go, latching all the way! If you're looking for a gift that's just as practical as it is personal, our Diaper Backpack is the PERFECT pick for any new mama or mom-to-be. Masterfully crafted with thoughtful features like insulated pockets and pump-friendly storage, this diaper bag is sure to make every mama-on-the-go say "ho-ho-ho!"

Latched Mama Gift Card

Holiday shopping got you stumped? Then turn your stupor into her splendor with a Latched Mama Gift Card! Sometimes it's hard to know what exactly a new mom needs, so take the guesswork out of shopping this season by giving her the gift of options! Not even the North Pole can predict the beautiful changes that pregnancy and postpartum will bestow upon her.

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Happy shopping!

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