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How To Pull Off A Last Minute Zoom Look

Posted by Latched Mama on

We’ve all been there. It’s 9 AM, and you're sitting in your oversized tee with a top knot that rivals a tropical bird’s nest. When suddenly it dawns on you- DANG IT!

Maybe it’s a Google Meet call for work, or perhaps it’s a Zoom conference with your child’s teacher. Either way, you need to go from sipping coffee in your underwear to camera-ready in a matter of minutes. 

The brilliant thing about virtual meetings is that you really only need to be presentable from the waist up. So tame those frizzy flyaways, smooth on some chapstick, and leave the rest to us!

Thanks to Latched Mama’s polished yet unpretentious dresses and blouses, you can go from looking like you’re still half-asleep to the head of the PTA in no time! 

Flutter Sleeve Printed Romper

There’s something about the Flutter Sleeve Printed Romper that just screams “I’m a real grownup who totally didn’t forget I had this meet-and-greet today!” Not only is it available in some amazing Autumn prints, but it’s also cute, proper, and secretly a romper. That means you can go from discussing cello lessons with your child’s orchestra conductor to crawling around on all fours picking cheerios without missing a beat. And yes, this is speaking from experience. 

Nursing Maxi Momper 

Did you know that jewel tones look best on camera? That’s because these colors provide just the right amount of saturation to compliment every skin tone without looking too bright or muted against almost any backdrop. So use this Hollywood trade-secret to your advantage by getting on-screen ready in our Nursing Maxi Momper. Available in vibrant gem tones such as forest-green and rich ruby-red, this Momper makes for the perfect virtual first impression.

Nursing Midi Kimono

There are very few fashion problems that a flattering kimono can’t solve. It can transform a slouchy t-shirt into a stylish outfit or a strappy camisole into a conservative, conference-ready look. Keeping a kimono handy during the virtual school season is a certain way to ensure that you’re always ready for that unexpected Zoom call.

Peekaboo Back Nursing Tunic

Not willing to change out of your flannel pants for a fifteen-minute confrence call? We respect that, mama. After all, nobody is going to see you from the waist down, so why not take full advantage? All you have to do is throw on a pretty blouse, such as our Peekaboo Back Nursing Tunic, and nobody will ever know that you’re technically still in your pajamas.

Petal Front Nursing Hoodie 2.0

If there’s one thing our Petal Front Nursing Hoodie 2.0 proves, it’s that hoodies don’t have to look frumpy. Perfect for chilly fall mornings, this hoodie is an effortless way to look presentable without sacfificing on comfort. Available in gorgeous gem tones and pretty pastels, this pullovers pairs seamlessly with leggings and is the perfect match for a casual online meeting.

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