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Fall 2018

Posted by Melissa Wirt on

The fall is always a little sentimental to us. It was four short years ago, at the start of the holidays, that we decided to put my crazy little idea on Facebook and "see what happened". What "happened" was the start of this ride- a ride that has taught me more than I could have ever dreamed. In the past four years, we have all come together to create a supportive and encouraging Facebook community of over 375,000 moms, and have shipped our clothing all over the world.

We moved out of our dining room and are now in our fourth warehouse space, and we have grown from one part-time employee to over thirty amazing team members who have become part of our extended family. Personally, we've added two more little ones to our family and have settled into life with four little ones and a family business. 

I started this company because I felt there was a need to support moms during their breastfeeding and postpartum journey. We've reached more moms than I ever dreamed, but there is still work to be done. As a breastfeeding mom myself, I am constantly reminded of the passion that began this company and the need to create a village of love and support for moms worldwide. 

Turning towards the rest of the year, we're looking forward to a great Black Friday, a few restocks before the holidays, followed with some exciting things happening early spring.

Thanks as always for your love and support and we're wishing you all a happy holiday season! 


Melissa and the Latched Mama Family 


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