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Summer 2016 Update

Posted by Melissa Wirt on

It's been a long time since we updated any news for you all! But let's get you all caught up on the happenings at Latched Mama. 

We moved into a new warehouse in late 2015 and welcomed our third baby about six months ago. We now have a four year old, a two and a half year old, and a little one. Insanity. But we're owning it! We're busy, but we wouldn't want it any other way! Miss Caroline has her daddy and brothers wrapped around her little finger, and I'm so excited to have a little girl to dress! 

We are still slowly getting our summer styles in. No matter how hard we try, we always seem to be a little behind on our anticipated dates, but when you're still a super small, family run business, things like new babies are apt to slow the process down a little bit. We will be restocking the tanks this week (7/25) and then will start to focus on the fall styles.

In the past six months, not only have we been watching little Caroline grow, but we've also worked to grow our product selection as well. We have added more pajama options, as well as a brand new plus sized line. Please be patient with us, we are moving slowly and testing sizing and styles as we develop the new line. We hope to make the selection as varied as it is in our other sizes, but it will take time. We are still testing the market, and as always we are very open to feedback, so please send it our way! 

We have also started a resource section of our blog and will continue to grow the education, outreach, and support portion of our company.  Until then, make sure you follow our Facebook page and get in on the conversation! 

We may be growing quickly, but that only means that your feedback is more important to us than ever before. Please keep it coming and feel free to reach out to us at anytime!



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