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1/21/15- Update!

Posted by Melissa Wirt on

A couple of things...

- Hang in there as we move this week. Things are a little crazy, so please be patient. If you're waiting for a return label or something that I said that I would send- feel free to reach back out. I'm working on systems to help me sort requests, questions, and emails better, but right now it's still a little messy. Please feel free to remind me about something that you haven't received or an email that I may have overlooked. We will be hiring a couple of people in the next month or so, so please hang in there- response time will get better. Making sure that this is a customer centric company is my number one goal and it will always be that way. 

- Surprise! We are getting an order tomorrow. It is the black and purple and pink and black long sleeve shirts and then random items that didn't fit in the previous shipments (for example, we are getting 2 medium mint hoodies, and 1 small grey tunic). I don't know when the boxes will be unpacked but if you're waiting for a sold out item, I'd make sure that you've registered your email address when prompted to "notify me" on the site. When I add an item back into inventory it will email the entire list of people registered for that specific style and size/color. At that point, it is then a first come first serve situation. If you get an email that something is "restocked" and then go to the site and the item is sold out, it simply means that you were too slow.  Other than the black and purple and pink and black shirts, many things coming tomorrow are in quantities of one or two. 

- I totally hate our new return system, but I can't turn it off until I find something better. Please please please feel free to reach out to me if you'd like to do an exchange. I can't access the notes you leave on the return system unless I'm in front of my computer- which we all know as moms very rarely happens. There is no way for me to do it from my phone. When you place a request, I get notified that there is a request but there is not a name or order number associated with it. I want you all to be happy and I feel like I've lost total control over that. Those of you who are unhappy with the sizing or want to talk about finding a different style that fits better- send me an email. Don't hesitate to reach out. I'm not saying don't use the portal or the system- if you don't want to deal with me and just want a refund, that's totally fine- follow the rules on the site and I won't bug you. But if you know or think that you'd like to do an exchange, shoot me an email. I can refund the first purchase, you can buy what you'd like to try and I can include a mailer for the return. It's easy. 

- As far as inventory goes- hang in there, please. I get a lot of emails every day asking when things will be in stock. I'm working on a webpage attached to the site or something like that that answers those questions. Things are ordered, it just takes time to get them back in stock. We will have some tunics and long sleeve shirt back in less than a week. Then the rest of the sweatshirt tunics and the empire pleated tunic in more colors after that.  We have super cheery fun colored lightweight hoodies coming, with a couple new colors of cowl neck pullovers and the heaver hoodie colors were voted on and ordered last night. I also have some Spring orders placed. In a lot of ways the Spring styles will operate very similarly to the way that the winter ones did. I need to keep the quantities low while I test the styles and sizing. I know for many of you it may not mean much, but next winter will hopefully be a totally different story than this one because I will trust the products a little more and I know what sells well and what doesn't. I do know my sizing breakdown better now though and you will see more of the middle sizes being ordered with the Spring styles. Until I get my plus sizing worked out, I will be ordering less in the higher sizes. I'm not giving up, but I need to make sure the next time I order a large quantity, that the sizing is correct. 

- When FB comments are placed on the actual items on the website, I am not notified. When I deal with the website, I spend 99% of my time on the backside of it- making sure quantities are up to date and things like that. I don't see those comments. If you all are on the site and see a question that you can answer, please feel free to do so. Also, if you see something that you think that I need to address, don't hesitate to shoot me a pm and let me know. I'm not asking this to try sell more clothes, it's just important to me that everyone knows that I do care. We aren't doing a whole lot more than advertising on FB right now, but that will change in the future. People outside of our fun little community will find us and I really want to make sure that they understand what this is all about. So any help you all can offer to welcome them if you see comments would be fabulous. 

- Last but not least- thank you! Thank you for being responsive, kind, and supportive. Thanks for your wall posts, your emails, and for your understanding as we grow. Your excitement and happiness is what drives me. My husband is constantly reminding me about the business side of my responsibilities.  I seriously send out each package with the sincere wish that you all receive it and feel the warmth and support that I sent with it. So thank you for being so awesome and taking this little journey with me. You all are my first set of moms and it makes me sad to think that next winter many of you will have moved on and back to your normal clothes. Thank you for being the first and for being understanding. Next winter, I will be better at what I do because of you all and I thank you.





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