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Posted by Melissa Wirt on

Hi! So glad you found us!

This little company has been five months in the making. Shortly after my second son was born in December, frustrated by my clothing options, I decided to look into bringing some options to the market. What has transpired has been a great learning experience and a lot of fun. 

As many of you know, this is a completely new "adventure" for me. Prior to having my first son in April '12, I sold real estate. I had a great career and could tell you just about anything you needed to know about new homes, financing and could sell you the benefits of every option you could add to a home. My husband and I decided that I would stay home after my first son was born. I never really missed selling homes, but I did miss helping people and I missed solving problems. 

Developing Latched Mama has been a great experience and one that changes and challenges me every day. My goals are to bring the best nursing styles to you at the lowest price possible. I am working on shirts and dresses that are easy to wear and don't slow you down. I'm hoping to bring clothes to you that you can grab off of the floor after being up all night, throw on, and be out to door and at play group ten minutes later. My goal is to bring you clothes that allow you not to have to even think about what to wear- instead allowing you more time to spend with your family. I know I am the last one to get dressed in our household and not having to think through what I am wearing saves me time and much needed energy. 

What you see now on the website are clothes that I have purchased over the past few months to test manufactures and clothing "technology." Because so many of these ideas are new to the US, I wanted to try them, wear them, move in them, and feed in them and then make decisions on what to offer under the "Latched Mama" label. I ordered two to three of everything and wanted to test the market and see what you all were interested in. So the extras are what are on the site for you all to enjoy! 

We are starting slow- in early June, we will be offering a fabulous tank dress in various colors, a tee shirt and a tank top. I also have more samples coming with the order and will be testing an active wear top (think running/yoga top with breastfeeding access) and some clothes for the fall. As the brand grows and develops, we will offer more clothes and streamline the process. 

Please let me know if you have any feedback, suggestions or ideas! 

Thanks for your early support! 

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